Professional School Students get to know Sofitec

27 of March 2019

Almost 60 students from various professional schools have visited our industrial facilities

Over the last month, Sofitec has had the pleasure of welcoming almost 60 students from various professional schools to our installations, where they were able to learn about the work that we do here.
40 of those students were from the Production Programming for Mechanical Manufacturing course at the IES Cristo del Rosario (Zafra), a two-year professional training program that includes more than 200 hours of complementary training. ​
The remaining 17 are part of the Welding and Boilermaking course at the IES Castillo de Luna (La Puebla de Cazalla), also a two-year program that combines the core course load with 400 hours of internship time in companies.
Our colleagues in the Human Resources department accompanied the students on their visit to our facilities in Carmona, in hopes of encouraging our guests to fulfill their internship requirements with us here at Sofitec.
The continuous integration of young people with specialized training is key for a growing company like ours.
The collaboration with these educational centers not only allows us to search for profiles as specific as those that are created in these two programs, but also allows us to simultaneously participate in the training, employability and job placement of today’s youth.