13 of July 2017

The aircraft is being modified to pick up the landing gear during the flight

Sofitec is participating in redesigning the aircraft C295, which is going to be used by the Canadian Air Force to replace the current planes of its search and rescue missions (SAR).

A total of 16 aircrafts will be shipped starting on 2019. The planes are being redesigned to adjust to the specific needs of the Canadian Air Force, and Sofitec is participating as an active part in the process.

Specifically, Sofitec is contributing to the project with the manufacturing of metallic and composite detail parts that will integrate –beside others elements- the landing gear of the new prototype.

The aircraft will have a 20% of elements manufactured in Canada, and the final assembly will take place in Spain, specifically in Seville.

For Sofitec, it´s an honour to be part of such a high demanding and huge project, in which, apart from production capacity and quick industrialization, the company is adding value with its direct involvement in the redesign and improvement of these fuselage elements of the prototype.