Sofitec develops an innovative SSTT line

18 of June 2019

Sofitec is participating in the international aerospace meeting Paris Air Show, which takes place in the French capital.

Sofitec presented today, during its participation in Paris Air Show, a new installation for aerostructures surface treatments.

As part of the expansion process started last year, we are finalizing the commissioning of this new area, which will improve their special processes for metallic elements and that will allow us to incorporate new specific treatments for Airbus, Boeing and other aeronautical manufacturers.

The new system will be able to process automatically -and with high daily capacity- aeronautical elements of large dimensions, and will be connected by a transfer with a robotic painting line.

Thanks to the own production control system developed by Sofitec and its suppliers, the installation will allow the programming and concatenation of different types of treatments, maintaining a strict quality control during the whole process.

Mainly, it will perform automated activities of anodizing and bonding of highly complex metallic materials and non-destructive tests (penetrant dye inspection), as well as pickling processes and their previous cleanings for aluminum and titanium alloys.

It will also have a working area for multiposition loading and unloading, both automatic and manual.

This new surface treatments system will mean a significant improvement in productivity for the company and its customers, accompanied by an increase in the reliability and quality of final products.

The new facilities, which are expected to be operational by the end of this year, will mean an 80% increase in our available capacity, which, together with the technological diversification they represent, will allow the company to take on new industrial challenges with high added value.