New certified processes for Boeing and Airbus D&S

16 of March 2020

Concretely, the certifications are related to the automatic surface treatment line and the robotic painting booth.

Sofitec has recently obtained new specific certifications for Boeing and Airbus D&S associated to its Carmona facility, giving them greater autonomy in carrying out certain processes that had to be previously outsourced. As a result, an improved productivity can be appreciated.

Specifically, the certifications obtained are related to the automatic surface treatment line and the robotic painting booth, two areas that Sofitec has after the investment made to expand its plant. For Boeing, boric anodizing (BAC5632) and sol-gel for titanium (BAC5665) have been certified. For Airbus D&S, certifications have been obtained for phosphoric anodizing (I+D-P-111), anticorrosive primer for gluing (I+D-P-157) and painting of metallic elementals (I+D-P-064).

This series joins the extensive list of certified processes that the company makes available to the industry on a global scale. As an aerostructures manufacturer, the certification of the expansion of the capacity in metal manufacturing was one of the fundamental goals of the company within the development of its activity for the main OEM's. Thanks to these new certifications, from now on it will be possible to carry out internally several processes that until now the company had to subcontract in the supply chain, which has a direct influence on greater agility in lead-times for the end customer and an improvement in productivity, as the load-capacity ratio is balanced.

Due to these new certifications, Sofitec becomes a globally more competitive industrial partner in the area of metal manufacturing and, by extension, in the integrated management of aerostructures.