19 of June 2017

Sofitec has recently implemented the 80-T standards from Airbus Germany, developed for the elements associated to fuselage A400M.

Embracing these requirements enables to manufacture and replace some parts of the fuselage, which is made in Germany. That suppose an important added value from Sofitec to Airbus, since the A400M aircraft is fully assembled in the Airbus FAL in Seville.

The 80T process specifications also allow Sofitec to define with much leeway its "make or buy" strategy related to the current products and process, and to those that which may acquire in the near future.

In this respect, Sofitec now has the opportunity to expand its “in house” manufacturing, offering better response to the client, by reducing production lead times.    

The strength of these manufacturing processes was showcased in the last IPCA+ assessment, made in late 2016. Whit this assessment, Airbus evaluates its suppliers whit the analysis of all their industrial features.

In this review, Sofitec obtained a satisfactory “B” rating (on a scale from “D” to “A+”). In the next one, the company expects to get an “A” score, thanks to the automation in place of data records in manufacturing management system.