Sofitec’s Aeropolis facilities on sale

05 of March 2020

It consists of a space of 7,000 sqm complete with a production plant and offices, fully equipped and certified for composites manufacturing.

As a result of the completion of the expansion and technological improvements of its current facilities in the Logistics and Industrial Park of Carmona, Sofitec puts its infrastructure located in Aerópolis at the disposal of the industrial market.

Thanks to this recent expansion, the company has managed to achieve several of the strategic goals for 2022, among them those of increasing its productive capacity in advanced sheet metal manufacturing and thermal and surface treatments, in addition to a logistics center and also striking a balance in their “make-buy” ratio.

The facilities that Sofitec now puts up for sale have 7,000 sqm of certified and fully operational installations available for composites manufacturing and other advanced materials or technologies. Specifically, the space consists of a 5,000 sqm production plant and another 2,000 sqm of offices.

For more details about these facilities, Sofitec has created the website Composites Aeropolis, which contains information about all the technical characteristics of the production plant, as well as a detailed description of the equipment, and a downloadable document with more a specific breakdown.