Follow-up meeting of Sherlock project

19 of July 2019

Sofitec has hosted the second follow-up meeting of Sherlock, a R&D project funded by the European Union as part of the Horizon 2020 Framework Program, in which we participate as the final user.

The project is aimed globally at introducing diverse technologies in production environments, such as collaborative robotic arms, exoskeletons and mobile manipulators; improving them with intelligent mechatronics and cognition based on artificial intelligence. In this way, it is intended to develop efficient robotic stations (HRC) that guarantee fluid and safe relationships between robots and human beings.

For this, the "Sherlock solution" is being tested and validated into 4 industrial pilot cases: Elevators cabin assembly using collaborative manipulators (with OTIS as end-user), Reconfigurable industrial collaborative modules (VDL-IM), Exoskeleton assisted machine building (FIDIA), and Co-manipulation of large parts by a dual-arm mobile manipulator, in which Sofitec holds the role of end-user.
After a first follow-up meeting held at the VDL facilities in the Netherlands, Sofitec has welcomed this new revision of the project's progress, which has been focused on the latter case of use.
Several representatives of Comau, University of Cranfield, Gizelis Robotics, INTRA, IPK - Fraunhofer, Light and Shadows, LMS, MCI participated in the meeting held today. PILZ Tecnalia, UCD, UTRC and VDL; entities all of them participating in the collaborative research project.

More information about the Sherlock project.