13 of June 2017

Record time in the manufacturing of several elements for the Airbus A350.

Sofitec has started in record time the manufacturing of a new set of carbon fiber detail parts for Airbus A350 XWB program. 

The elements are made for the industrialization of fuselage s13-14 and s16-s18 and for the redesign of current sections of the passenger door structures. 

In the first case, the most important achievement has been the lead-time of 6 months from launch to delivery of the first article, as well as the starting of series production, with an initial rate of 8 aircraft per month and an expected rate of 12 aircraft per month from January 2018 on.

About the detail parts of the passenger door structures, the main effort has been to improve the previous design, in addition to modify the manufacturing material from titanium to carbon fiber. 

This set of detail parts are already in the first production stage, after only two months from starting the industrialization, in comparison of the usual six months for this kind of processes.