Official welcome to new students to Sofitec

30 of January 2019

The mayor of Carmona, Juan Manuel Ávila; has visited Sofitec's facilities today to officially welcome the 23 trainees incorporated into the company’s team at the beginning of the year.

Students from the course in “Specialist in Aeronautical Manufacturing,” supported by the City Council of Carmona and the CAFA Foundation of Arahal and aimed at reducing youth unemployment, will participate for three months in the Composite Materials, Assembly and Surface Treatment departments of Sofitec, where they will develop diverse professional skills.

In 2018, 78 people participated in this type of program with our company and of those original participants, 48 (more than 60%) became part of the staff.

José Miguel Hernández, CEO of Sofitec, accompanied the delegation during their visit to our facilities in Carmona. In addition to the areas presently in operation, guests were able to tour the new plant, currently under construction, which are annexed to the current site and are scheduled to enter into operation in the coming months.

With a total area of 11,600 m2, which will be added to the already operational 38,000 m2, these facilities will allow us to increase our available capacity and boost Sofitec’s business volume. This expansion includes launch of an automated painting-line for baths for the anodizing of metallic materials, cleaning and penetrant-liquid inspecting; a robotic paining-line; and new areas for heat treatments, stretch forming, and highly complex cutting.

With this new plant, we will broaden our technological catalog for the manufacture of aerostructures in both metallic and composite materials, and we will be able to undertake new projects and manufacturing processes.

At Sofitec, we have maintained steady growth since 1999 in an advanced and highly competitive industrial sector. 
Thanks to this trajectory, today we are one of the five leading aerostructures manufacturers in Spain, and a clearly distinguished player on a global scale thanks to our competitiveness and specialization in advanced technology.