New document manager with SharePoint

28 of October 2019

Document manager and web search tool for internal production documents

The Information Technology area at Sofitec has developed a new document manager and web search tool that will improve access to the numerous production documents that we handle within our company.

The system, built on Microsoft SharePoint, will allow access to more than 79,400 documents related to our aeronautics manufacturing processes such as drawings, models, regulations, certifications and technical specifications.
Multiplatform, secure and complete

The new IT solution is multiplatform and mobile: it allows access from any browser from mobile phones, tablets or computers, without requiring a connection to Sofitec’s internal network.
The access is 100% secure since the login must be completed using a company Office 365 account, and, thanks to the fact that it uses Microsoft’s cloud, it also provides fast browsing.

In a few seconds, our colleagues can access any document that contains their term of interest. The search will be carried out throughout the entire document, taking into account both the content of the text as well as the associated metadata.

The search results can be previewed without downloading, refined thanks to various pre-established categories and even, for the most advanced users, can be located using tools like KQL (Keyword Query Language de Microsoft).