08 of November 2021

Last October, we received the visit of the PhD students participating in the first NEWFRAC-1 workshop.

The overall objective of the NEWFRAC network is the high-level training of a new generation of researchers for the development of the prediction and analysis of fracture phenomena in heterogeneous engineering systems at different scales. More specifically, the creation of a new computational framework through the integration of Finite Fracture Mechanics (FFM) and Phase Field (PF) modeling strategies is envisaged. The potential impact of this modeling and simulation framework on the design of heterogeneous materials and structures can be enormous, for example, in a weight reduction with respect to current design concepts, increasing strength/weight and stiffness/weight ratios.

During the visit, we were able to tour Sofitec's facilities, explaining to NEWFRAC members the technologies of the integral manufacturing process, both in composite and metallic materials. Special attention was paid to the potential defectology in fiber parts, and we jointly reviewed both the equipment to detect these possible defects (sealing, tap coin, pulse-echo, AUTT robot) and the processes used to repair defects.

The meeting was interesting and very useful. On the one hand, it has opened up possibilities for collaboration with the NEWFRAC network in the field of R&D, and on the other hand, its members have been able to learn first-hand about current technologies in the manufacture of elementals and aerostructures for the aeronautical sector.

The NEWFRAC network is a coordinated proposal within the EU and is composed of seven research groups (University of Seville, Sorbonne Université, Universidade do Porto, Politecnico di Torino, Tel Aviv University, IMT Lucca and ETH Zürich) and five high-tech companies (Robert Bosch GmbH, FIDAMC + Bottero, Cubicoff, Safran) with special interest as end users in the developments and results of this network.

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