New system for shift and work center planning

06 of November 2019

The IT team at Sofitec has developed a new planning system for shifts and work centers (CT) as one of the functions of our in-house APP Sofitec Home.

Some departments at Sofitec share teams, whose members carry out activities in different facilities. This new update is another step forward for these employees as regards real-time information since it will allow the user to consult information such as schedule, tasks and assigned work centers, activity report, time off or holidays.

Additionally, in the desktop version, Sofitec offers its employees the opportunity to install the mobile version on their personal phones, which will allow them to check their information anytime, anywhere.

The new system also eases planning tasks for our team managers, who can update shift assignments from any location, which accelerates their capacity to any unforeseen event.

With all of this, we improve our efficiency not only for our team managers but also for our team members, since we reduce the number of movements between work centers. Additionally, we increase our performance visibility thanks to the segmentation of database don user, shift, and work center, data which are at the same time collated in our MES system.