Sofitec improves its communication systems

07 of June 2019

The expansion process of facilities that is developed since early 2018 has led the company to implement new channels of information transmission between plants.

Sofitec has completed the installation and certification of 18 kilometres of FTP-as well as 1,3 of optic fibre cables- that ensure an optimal transmission and interpretation of information related to its production processes. 

With Cisco technology, our company has implemented a special system for industrial environments, with shielded cabling, specifically designed to avoid the electromagnetic interaction derived from the machinery activity.

At an operational level, this system allows the interconnection of all of Sofitec's production equipments, which means significant cost savings by making possible aspects such as real-time measurement of process times, or online access for the company. exchange of programs or maintenance of equipment (internally and by different providers). Likewise, and independently, all process data are processed at the IT level: time control by facial recognition, mobile accessibility, access to ERP, etc.

Through the redundant connection of the three production plants of the company -one located in Aerópolis, the second in Carmona and the expansion currently under construction also in Carmona- this advanced communications system represents a new step forward in industrial safety and efficiency.

Thus, and under the premise of ensuring "total connectivity", Sofitec's IT department has designed a triple redundancy installation integrated by both main and back-up fiber optic networks, a VPN tunnel and a system radio link, and has notably increased the access points in its facilities.

Thus, it improves its protection against possible interruptions in the data and/or electrical service, and makes possible a greater efficiency both at a technological level and in the performance of its human team.