Thermoplastic window frame for CLEANSKY CALL 7 project - step1

01 of July 2020

Manufacture of window frame in thermoplastic material for the CLEANSKY CALL 7 project (H2020-CS2-CFP07-2017-02).

We present the first window frames manufactured by EURECAT within the WINFRAME CLEANSKY CALL 7 Project (H2020-CS2-CFP07-2017-02). Sofitec will be in charge of carrying out the processes of trimming, US inspection, manufacturing of metallic elementals and their subsequent final assembly so that Leonardo can perform mechanical and comfort tests for validation.
The Winframe 4.0 project aims to validate the complete manufacturing process of CFRP (thermoplastic) window frames, leading to the manufacture of two types of fuselage demonstrator assemblies for Leonardo regional aircraft. The project consortium is formed by Eurecat, responsible for the compression molding of the window frame based on a predefined model, and Sofitec Aero, which has manufactured all the necessary elements to complete the assembly, the frame reprocessing, its assembly, the verification and inspection of all parts and the assembly, as well as carrying out an industrial and cost evaluation.

Project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 program within the Clean Sky platform in the framework of the call for proposal JTI-CS2-2017-CfP07-REG-01-13- Full scale Innovative composite Windows frames for Regional Aircraft Fuselage barrel on-ground demonstrators.