14 of February 2018

Javier Carnero has visited Sofitec facilities to know about our activity and the expansion plan in progress

The Director of Employment, Business and Commerce of the Andalusian Government, Javier Carnero, visited our facilities in Carmona to learn about the expansion project that we are carrying out since the beginning of the year.

The new facilities will be built in an area of 11,600 sqm, which will be added to the 38,000 sqm currently operating and will allow us to diversify our technical capabilities and offer more available capacity. Thereby, we expect to increase by 30% our production level, thanks to the currently workload committed and new commercial agreements, such as the one recently assumed with Stelia Aerospace.

This new contract was announced during the visit made today, in which the Director of Employment underscored such "a milestone to celebrate throughout the whole of the Andalusian aeronautical industry," a sector that, he said, " has the potential to continue growing and capacity to respond to ambitious initiatives".

The business partners of Sofitec José Miguel Hernández and Gonzalo Campillo took the opportunity to thank "the support received from the Andalusian Government for more than 10 years, which has significantly contributed to the expansion of Sofitec technological capacity".

Since 2005, Sofitec has received several grants from the IDEA Agency and the Society for the Promotion and Economic Reconversion of Andalusia (Soprea) that have driven both the start-up of our first plant in Aerópolis and the expansion of the facilities in Carmona.