20 of April 2015
Sharing the aggregate acquisition of more than 100,000 sq.m. for the expansion of our facilities has meant a great satisfaction for us. But, being able to inform of the on time progress of the required work to start operating in them is even more satisfying. A great challenge given the marked calendar!
Located in the industrial and logistics park of Carmona, the first 25,000 sq.m. phase of expansion will be completed during the months of June and July, allowing the reinforcement of the international growth and ensuring the compliance with the new commitments.
New tecnological equipment for the assembly of aeroestructures and manufacture of metal and composite, being remarkable the acquisition of a second autoclave of 16m. of useful lenght and 4m. diameter. This autoclave will triple the current capacity, allowing production of elements up to this dimensions.

The arrival of the autoclave to the Harbor of Seville is scheduled for April 20th.