New integrated production control system

02 of July 2019

Sofitec launches an innovative integrated production control system

During 2019 Sofitec is launching new production facilities that include, in addition to a new area of complex sheet metal, both automated lines for painting and for surface treatments of large dimension detail parts.

Given this new scenario, our IT department has developed an innovative system that allows us to combine the automatic processes of anodizing baths and painting in a way that we record, in a single production order, all the processes that precise each element to be treated.

To do this, we have integrated three independent production control systems, from different suppliers, with our ERP system, thus providing both surface treatments and painting processes with total traceability and reliability, from the beginning to the end of the process.

In addition, we have located process monitoring and control systems in our own data processing center (DPC), which gives us high availability by protecting ourselves against connection failures and, consequently, greater security in our production processes.

Thanks to the new system, we automatically store all the information on the treatment of the piece, which leads to better efficiency and quality control of final products.

The integration between the different areas allows us to achieve considerable savings in time and operating costs, reduce possible processing mistakes, and improve the occupational health protection of our team, by exposing them to a lesser extent to work handling chemical products potentially dangerous to their health.