New R+D consortium on composites

21 of January 2019

Sofitec leads a new R+D consortium about composites manufacturing supported by FEDER Innterconecta, the regional instrument of the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI).

CDTI has awarded Sofitec the leadership of the EASYJOINT Consortium, focused on the development of joining technologies of dissimilar composite material components, as part of FEDER Innterconecta projects.
In the project, they also participate Titania –a leader in aerospace processes and materials testing-, and CT Ingenieros- an engineering company specialized in technological innovation throughout the product lifecycle- and Eurecat as a technological center.
Together, and for an expected period of 31 months, we´ll study the development of thermoplastic resin soldered elements, evaluating the possibilit to standardize its design, in order to apply it to high added value companies, including the aerospace ones.
Aerostructures made on composite represent an increasing percentage of the total components of an aircraft, given its contribution to weight & cost reduction and performance & flight range increase.
Sofitec is specialized in the manufacturing of detail parts, assemblies, and aerostructures since 2009, among which the most prominent are those developed for the fuselage of the Airbus A350XWB, an aircraft with more than 50% elements made in composites.

The CDTI, FEDER funds manager since 2007, designed the regional instrument FEDER Innterconecta to encourage the support of experimental development projects conducted through business consortiums.
Within this framework, in addition to EASYJOINT Consortium, Sofitec participates in two more projects, one of which is the PROFETA R+D project (Flexible Manufacturing in the Product Range through Dynamic Plant Reconfiguration), focused on promoting collaborative robotics technologies to support composites manufacturing.
Led by Grupo DGH, responsible for the development of the robotic, the project has the participation of the technology company OnTech (responsible for security systems in robot-human interaction) and the support of Aimen as a technological center.
Our function in this project is to validate the developments, for which we will produce pieces in composites using the advances achieved with the rest of the consortium's partners.