Commercial mission to USA

03 of February 2020

Sofitec is attending a new commercial mission from Extenda to the USA West Coast in February

The Andalusian Agency for External Promotion, Extenda, organizes together with its own offices in L.A. and Miami, a direct commercial mission to the USA West Coast with companies from the aerospace sector.   
The aim of this new international promotion action, that will take place in the State of California from 10th to 14th of February, is to ensure the approach between Andalusian and American markets, developed in previous occasions (Extenda has held a total of nine commercial missions with the USA in recent years). Thus, the agency intends to contribute to the diversification of the sector, usually focused on the European continent.
Our company will take part in this meeting in order to identify new business opportunities that join the increasing available capacity and technological advance that the launch of our new installations in Carmona will result in.

Visits to General Atomic and Collins Aerospace
The scheduled program includes several meetings with companies of the aeronautics sector located in L.A. and San Diego, such as General Atomic and Collins Aerospace, as well as the organization of an aeronautics discussion forum with members from the supply chain in L.A.
To Sofitec, attending this mission implies getting a new opportunity to reinforce our position of international scale supplier and make known our industrial capacity within the biggest American contractors and their auxiliary industries.