31 of January 2018

Our IT department installs laser sensors connected with Arduino to improve the precision in trimming processes.

With the aim of improving our efficiency and accuracy levels in trimming processes, our Technology department is installing some laser sensors in CNC machines. These devices, once connected to the open source hardware system "Arduino", will prevent, thanks to distance detection, the working head to collide with the piece.   

Arduino is an open source platform (hardware and software) that designs and manufactures software development boards that’s allows to build different types of devices, including sensors such as those installed in our trimming machines.

The new sensors will be placed on machinery heads, together with some tiny cameras connected to a screen with which the technician in charge works. Thanks to this, we will have a greater field of vision and precision, thanks to being able to see the precise distance to the piece that has to be trimmed.
This set measurement is essential for the vacuum of composite particles that fall during the trimming process, due to the close margins of error: if the aspiration device is located further away than necessary the process is not effective, and if it is located too close the piece cloud be damaged.
Once we prove the effectiveness of the new sensors, as well as the leap they suppose in precision for our production processes, Sofitec´s technology team will advance in this pathway for the development of another devices and systems that help us to improve our productive capacity and the quality of our services.