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Our identity

Founded in 1999 as an engineering company, Sofitec is an international aerostructures manufacturer specialized in the development of complete solutions built to print for COMPOSITE, METALICO and ASSEMBLY programs.

About Us

We believe in Andalusia’s aeronautical industry, we are aware of its important history, value and capacity for development. This is why Sofitec was created, to contribute with ingenuity and innovative ideas to provide technological solutions at a global level.

We face the future with an extraordinary team, all of us convinced of the possibilities for improvement and competitiveness that exist in the sector. Thus, each project is a new challenge for us, but above all the possibility to transcend the trust of our customers and guarantee their peace of mind.

Our customers

Capabilities & Experience

New integrated solutions in aerostructures, metal fabrication and composites, repair and aog’s.

Technology, knowledge and attitude. a professional and close service.

Services based on flexibility, competitiveness and quick response. we support our clients by contributing ideas throughout the entire process.

Offering the global aerospace market more and better value-added projects.

Supporting our customers throughout the entire process

Our programs


Manufacture of carbon, glass and aramid fiber parts and subassemblies.


Integral manufacturing of detail parts and subassemblies in aluminum, steel and titanium.


Integration of aerostructures and equipment of the unit. Design and manufacture of assembly systems.


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